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Singer Steam Press
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Singer Steam Press

When it comes to sewing there are a series of tools that help you transform thread and material into a finished sewing project. Sewing patterns, needles, thread, fabric and a sewing machine are generally a given, but a Singer Steam Press dedicated to your finished sewing projects allows you to create a presentable piece that you will be proud to have represent you.

Even during the sewing project it can be difficult to ensure that you are creating smooth seams if the  sewing fabric doesn't lay flat due to wrinkles and folds that happen during storage or the work process. Use a Singer Steam Press from the Sew Shop to ensure that your creases, seams and hems line up perfectly.

For fashion projects, steam pressing and pinning the garment prior to putting in the final stitches can allow you to see how the garment will hang on a model or on a dress or pant form, allowing you to catch any unintentional asymmetrical edges.

As a Singer dealer, the Sew Shop carries the latest Singer Steam Press. The Singer ESP2 Steam Press offers the following features:
  • A pressing surface 14 times larger than a standard iron
  • 100 pounds of pressure
  • One-hand operation
  • A large pressing surface for pressing drapes, sheets and other large pieces
  • No-steam option for delicates
  • Auto shut-off
  • Lightweight allowing portability

Also, compared to a standard steam iron, the Singer Steam Press won't stretch or distort your fabric which allows your garment to hold its shape. The Singer Steam Press will prevent damage to your fabrics with a warning signal that sounds every 10 seconds when the press plate has been left in the down position for too long.

Make sure you have the tools to give your completed sewing projects the professional finished look you would expect from any presentable garment. Come to one of the Sew Shop's local sewing centers or call us at 888-873-9822 with any questions you may have. We encourage our online customers to take advantage of free shipping on all Singer Steam Press units. Call us or email us using our convenient contact form below.

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